Inside Syria MC exclusive: experts on Syrian constitution draft’s pros&cons

The intra-Syrian talks in Geneva are about to start. The meeting, organized by the UN, is aimed at finding a consensus between all the parties of the Syrian conflict. One of the cornerstones of a possible peace agreement is a new constitution which would both benefit the Syrian people and be agreed upon by the parties.

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Voices from Al-Hasaka Part 1

In the north-east of Syria, lies Al-Hasaka governorate, almost fully controlled by the Kurdish forces, except for a very small and limited area held by the Syrian government. Both local and international media talk about it mostly only when it comes to military and political updates, ignoring the whole community residing there.  As if fighting the he terrorism of DAESH was not enough, a new conflict entered the arena when Kurdish forces declared their intention to separate the northern Syria and have what has come to be known as Rojava, or Democratic Federal System of Northern Syria.

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Full Mining of Palmyra by DAESH … One Last Goodbye

Before Orelan took hold of Palmyra, he had sworn to make shackles from Palmyra’s gold shackles to chain the unyielding queen, Zenobia, and he did it. But with all her pride and strength Zenobia stood dignified and resistant before him saying that “the dress of manhood and power of the mighty Emperor of Rome shall never conceal the cowardice and degeneration that lie under it.” Today, this same scene repeats itself.

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Terrorist Attack on SARC Aid Distribution Centre in Aleppo

Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) announced that Several Shells hit SARC aid distribution centre in Aleppo.

On February 8, 2017 SARC aid distribution centre in Aleppo, Al-Hamdaniya, was targeted with several shells while volunteers were distributing relief aids to beneficiaries. In the wake of the event, one SARC staff member was killed. Seven SARC volunteers and staff were injured – three of them severely. Two beneficiaries who had come to the centre to receive humanitarian aid also died, and several others were injured. Read more

US-led Coalition Destroys Drinking Water Lines In Raqqa

Once again, US-led coalition targets local infrastructure in Syria causing damage to civil life instead of eliminating terrorism. Yet, marches worldwide continue to support redundant causes that ignore lives of millions besieged in their own homes because of terrorism.

The city under the terrorist colonization of DAESH for over three years now is disconnected from the entire country living under the mercy of the radical group.

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