Damascus Red Saturday ..

Damascus, SANA- Interior Minister Mag. Gen. Mohammad al-Shaar said the two terrorist bombings that hit Bab al-Saghir in Damascus city Saturday afternoon left more than 72 people dead.

“The two terrorist attacks targeted visitors of different Arab nationalities in Bab al-Saghir area, leaving more than 72 martyred and  over 120 injured, including visitors and passers-by,” the Minister told reporters upon visiting the site of the attacks. Read more

Opinion | Turkey’s Last Cards in Syria, the Cypriot Model

This article appeared in Al-Akhbar newspaper by Rezan Heddo

Translated to English by: Jamila Assi

Cyprus had lived a phase of chaos and civil war and had witnessed massacres and assassinations among EOKA (Greek Cypriots) lead by archbishop Makarios and Vulcan (Turkish Cypriots) lead by Rauf Denktash. The independence pact signed by the conflicting parties in Zurich 1959 with the influential of countries involved in the Cypriot issue (Britain – Turkey- Cyprus), failed to solve the problem and maintain peace and stability for more than three years. Read more

ISIS Falls Prey to the Hunters

One year ago like now, our eyes were on the battle of Palmyra, our hearts skipped a beat every time news came out that liberation was a step closer, until 27 March 2016 when the gate of the sun was restored to shine on our hearts once again. As March of 2017 came back, the city was freed from terrorism for the second time, and the sun of Zenobia’s wounded city came out again. Read more