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EXCLUSIVE: Video Walkthrough of the Aftermath in Old City in East Aleppo

The Old City in East Aleppo was fully liberated just before the 12th December 2016. The terrorist and militant factions led by Nusra Front, aka Al Qaeda, whose black flags hung from the walls of the ancient Umayyed Mosque until they were torn down by the victorious Syrian Arab Army and allies.

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Syrian Journalist Jamilla Assi “Western Media Is Waging War On The People Of Syria.”

The Richie Allen Show on featuring Jamila Assi and Dr. Sam Osmanagich. Syrian journalist Jamila Assi analyses the news that fighting has ended in Aleppo with rebels agreeing to leave the city, a victory for the Assad government and Vladimir Putin. And Dr. Sam Osmanagich has written 13 books on ancient history and pyramids. In 2005 he discovered an ancient pyramid complex in Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina consisting, to date, of eleven artificial structures, a discovery which caused an enormous amount of controversy among the archaeological community. Who put the pyramids there? And for what purpose?

World Smile Day From Damascus :)

People say sometimes, how can you show joy and live like nothing is happening around you?
how can you celebrate publicly when there are others suffering not so far from you?
how can you play music and someone lost a beloved in the neighbouring house?
Are we expected to dress in black, never to smile, never to play music in the streets, never to enjoy small moments of life, to bury ourselves in life?? what for??
Would that bring back the dead?
Would it make us stronger?
Would it make us safer?
Would it wash away the pain?
Would it end war?
Six years of war so far, and no one knows how longer will it last. Syria has seen much throughout history, but never did life seize to exist, and never will.. Read more