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War Smiles

War is war. There will always be pain, destruction, much to rebuild and much debris to clean. That can be fixed in few years, but what needs generations of hard work, is trying to help those children get over the horrors that we were not able of protecting them from. Read more

Where Have the Liberators of Palmyra Disappeared?

The following article was published by South Front on 5 May 2016. We republish it today after the loss of Palmyra for the second time.

Leen Ibrahim was of the earliest people who participated in our project.

The battle of Palmyra [SF editor: The video-analysis of the military operation is here.] is the biggest event since the beginning of the Russian military involvement in Syria. The Russian air force (RuAF) played a significant role supporting the Syrian army in its advances against terrorist groups since October 2015; however air force alone was not able to liberate Palmyra, one of the most strategic and vital locations in Syria’s war. The heroes behind the historic success of liberating the strategic ancient city of Palmyra have not been spoken of publically as it should have been. Read more

Media Antichrist

As civilians continue to flee terrorist-controlled east Aleppo into west Aleppo secured by the Syrian army, the same game is played by Western media, promoting propaganda that continues to shift public opinion and attention into supporting false heroes and promoting half-truths and full lies. Around 250 thousand people have lived in east Aleppo for the last 2 or 3 years, big part of them are civilians. Almost one third of those civilians have finally been able to make their way out into freedom. They escaped an area where they were used as human shields, where they could not go to schools or universities, where they were blackmailed by starvation and terrorism of radical Islamist groups. Read more