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Damascus: Life Returns 5 Years After NATO Destabilization Efforts

Life for many in Damascus, Syria is beginning to regain a sense of normalcy. Once besieged by foreign fighters, the ancient city and it’s residents struggle to rebuild their lives, land and livelihood, rejoicing in the simple mundanity of day-to-day life.

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On Glass Balls and NGOs


Pokemon Go??

A game of glass balls is enough to make you forget anything, even war..

I bet no NGO has yet thought of a glass balls event where they get to take some photos for prestige and market themselves as children-loving, anti-war, pro-joy, or maybe brand a Syrian Pokemon Go! Read more

Crazy Visitors of Wonderland

Are you ready to die?

Do not bother to wear bulletproof suit or helmet, for those cannot protect you from rockets, being kidnapped, or slaughtered.
If you’re a woman, there is no harm in hugging your husband or boyfriend in a last goodbye, for who knows when will you be assaulted in the land of hell. People over there are barbarian monsters, shooting at each other for no reason.

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Jamila in Wonderland. Part 1

Do you have any Christians in Syria?

*Yes we do


*Well.. yes .. over a million and a half

-Seriously?!!  I am shocked

*Why? They are Syrian citizens.. why shock?

-Do they lead a normal life?? Are they oppressed?? How do they survive??

*Their life is just.. normal.. like the rest of the other 90% .. nothing special

-Get out!!

That was a typical co
versation with someone who cannot resist asking this question once they figure that I am Syrian.

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