All articles written by: Jamila Assi

The homeless of Damascus

Abu Moyhi Al Deen is a former grocer in Al Hajar Al Aswad, a one-time high density poor neighborhood of Damascus, held by Syrian rebels since 2012.

His vegetable shack was neatly poised on the corner of “Street 30” of the nearby Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee Camp, once a hotbed for Hamas and Fateh, now controlled by ISIS-affiliated militants. Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Video Walkthrough of the Aftermath in Old City in East Aleppo

The Old City in East Aleppo was fully liberated just before the 12th December 2016. The terrorist and militant factions led by Nusra Front, aka Al Qaeda, whose black flags hung from the walls of the ancient Umayyed Mosque until they were torn down by the victorious Syrian Arab Army and allies.

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End Sanctions Against Syria and the Syrian people!

In 2011, the European Union launched sanctions against Syria, presenting them as “sanctions against certain figures in the regime”, which imposed an oil embargo on the country, along with a block on all financial transactions and a prohibition on trade in a large number of goods and products. This measure continues today, although in 2013 the oil embargo, through some inexplicable decision, was removed from armed and jihadist opposition-controlled areas in order to provide economic resources to so-called “revolutionary and opposition forces”. Read more

War Smiles

War is war. There will always be pain, destruction, much to rebuild and much debris to clean. That can be fixed in few years, but what needs generations of hard work, is trying to help those children get over the horrors that we were not able of protecting them from. Read more