About US

Sometimes we want to give a lot, but we have only little, so we give all the little we have not realising that it might be more precious than mines of gold others offer.
Politics is bigger than us all, we can do nothing about it, it is a filthy game of interests and calculations. But life is ours, stories are ours, it is within our reach to empower others, it is within our reach to inform others about a reality of a whole country torn by war but still doing the impossible to celebrate life. It is within our reach to bridge the gaps between each other and get over political, social, religious and ethnic differences just for the sake of the one and only, for the sake of Syria.
People form their opinions and absorbs stereotypes based on what they receive on media; we have no right to complain about how that media works unless we offer an alternative.
Jamilaeyes.com began as an idea to show Syria to the world through eyes that see Syria in more than news on bloodshed, bombings, political controversy, and hatred. The site was developed in a very simple way that would motivate enable everyone to access it and have their say.
Jamilayes.com and its social media accounts (@Shababeeksouria: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) are open to anyone who wants to offer a view of this wonderland called Syria, through his\her eyes, in any language and any manner; a photo, an article, a post, an idea, a video a suggestion, any small contribution adds up to the work and develops the project toward becoming a true independent media were people would go when they want to know about Syria.
Jamila’s eyes are not enough to see this world, share your vision, and let us see through Your eyes.
Never let anyone tell your story, be your own storyteller.