Millions Wasted to Enter Guinness Record while Pavements Make Mattresses for our Children

Price of wars is always paid by the poor and the powerless, and worst of all by children.  Destruction of infrastructure, decline of economy, and sanctions are only few of the huge challenges that people have to deal with in Syria, and those who are racing to provide for the bare essentials of their daily life cannot deal with such huge problems.

True that it is not totally and absolutely a game of Syrian Vs. Syrian as portrayed in mainstream media, and that the orchestrated regime change propaganda is not the real problem Syria needs to sove now. There are internal issues that no one can deal with except for those living inside, or better phrase it, waiting for outsiders to solve it will only make it worse. During this war, rates of child abuse, child labour, child marriage, and orphans have dramatically increased, seeing homeless kids sleeping on pavements in freezing winter or under the burning sun has become a regular scene for people, especially in big cities like Damascus. Before anyone it is the responsibility of the government to deal with this catastrophic problem which is no less threatening to the country’s future than facing radicalism or foreign invasion.

However, millions have been spent over the past few years on projects that could have saved hundreds of thousands of orphaned and displaced kids, for example, yesterday Damascus governorate ‘celebrated’ the biggest newspaper in the world which would let Syria into Guinness World Record. But the question here is: what use is this in a country well known for being one of the worst when it comes to freedom of journalism?  How is that going to benefit those who sleep on the pavements few meters from that “achievement”?  Last summer was the instalment of the “I Love Damascus” statue, it cost the governorate of Damascus 70,000,000 Syrian Pounds(approximately $130,000), couldn’t that have been spent on building a boarding school or a house for homeless and abused children?

Damascus. Biggest Street Newspaper in the world

This is not a call to stop the wheel of life and bury our heads in misery and darkness, neither a call to kill the soul of achievement or celebration. This is about prioritizing this country’s needs and taking the responsibility on part of the government to put people’s interest before anything else. A “tourism festival” is not needed when the biggest majority of Syrians can barely afford day-to-day expenses, that promotion for festivals better be spent on protecting the future of this country that has been for too long laying on pavements unattended.

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