This is How 52 civilians Were Literally Slaughtered in Aqareb

On 15 May, 04:00 AM, ISIS launched a fierce attack on the town of Aqareb Safiyah, 17 km east of Salamiyah.

The attack started with ISIS fighters sneaking from petrol line side and the village of Qulaib al-thor at 04:00 AM. They assaulted houses on the south-eastern brinks of the town in parallel with targeting Salamiyah city with mortars and rockets which came from Hardanah village, controlled by ISIS. ISIS committed a horrifying massacre slaughtering tens of people, most of whom were women and children.

After fierce clashes with ISIS, forces protecting the town supported by the Syrian Army and National Defense forces along with air force restored the town. 36 terrorists were killed and 4 were captivated alive.

Thursday is usually the most crowded day for Salamiyah city, socially and commercially. Every Thursday streets buzz with life as people get ready for their weekend, but Last Thursday was the worst ever; all shops were closed, streets were empty, people wore grim faces and looked dead in life.  On Friday, funerals for 52 martyrs, out of which 15 are children aged 4 months to 13 years old.

Mais, 19 moths, along with her brother Mustafa and mother Fadwa where slaughtered

Salamiyah is almost daily endangered by terrorists from its western side, and it if weren’t for the local forces, Syrian Army, and National Defense it would have fallen in the hands of NATO-supprted terrorists long time ago.   Previously, terrorists have cut off drinking water from Salamiyah city and Okerbat village for more than 6 months. It is also worth-noting that the area from which the attacks on Salamiyah are launched is daily hit by Syrian Army artillery, but it is not doing much help as they are backed up by Nusra Front in Rastan city. Rastan is located within a triangle surrounded by Syrian Army, but so far no attempts have been done to liberate Rastan from terrorism, not even attempts for reconciliation have been done.

Khaled Dib, lost his wife Fadwa and two children, Mais and Mustafa with the blink of an eye, there they were lying in the middle of the street covered with their own blood, motionless bodies.  Abdullah Ali, 4 months was the youngest of those who were slaughtered in Aqareb al-Safiyah.

Abdullah 4 months

Such a massacre committed by radical fighters, whom mainstream media labels as “rebels” and “freedom fighters”, remains unheard of in a world brainwashed by mainstream media news.

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