Rape and Murder Threats for a Syrian Lady & the Charge is “Syrian Flag”!!

   Sarmad Al Jilane, former CEO and founder of “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently” has made physical and personal violence threats against a Syrian lady residing in Turkey for carrying flag of the Syrian State flag at Sanko University celebration in Ghazi Entab.

   Al Jilane has publically called out on Facebook for the rape of that Syrian student instigating tens of angry comments with the utmost horrifying threats of physical violence and abuse.The post disappeared later- Jilane claims that it was blocked by Facebook due to the huge number of reports that have been made, while others accuse him of removing the post by himself. Massoud Akko, a freelenace journalist living in Norway, managed to make screenshots for Jilane’s post and comments and shared them. We apologize for the obscenity of words in the post but we are obliged to translate them as they are to deliver the image perfectly. The main post was:

“Today at a celebration at Ghazi Entab university. Shame on everyone who is near her and doesn’t rape her with his foot. I’m not sorry for these words, and this post has been filtered to be this polite”

   Most of the comments from Jilane supporters carried out threats of rape, physical violence, cyber violence, and some went further and started to search for her in the city of Ghazi Entab. One of the comments considered the lady’s act as “scandal for Syrian opposition in Ghazi Entab university” and wondered “how could they have allowed such thing!!” Phrases like “F*** her!!”  or “what a b****!!” are the softest of what was written. There was one girl who is apparently pro-opposition, who criticized Jilane for his call for raping that lady, Jilane did not save her too and fired back immediately considering that his call for “punishing” the flag lady is “the only way how pro-regime loyalists living among the opposition will learn the lesson”. It is worth mentioning that Ghazi Entab is one of the biggest body of Syrian opposition in Turkey.

   Threats were not stop at  rape, killing, and abuse, but also extended to include calling to inform Erdogan intelligence system to arrest her. Tens of angry men reacted to Jilane’s post, and promised to hunt her down and make from her “an example” for anyone who would think of showing any support of any kind with the Syrian State, or who would not stand in the line of the “revolution”.

   Al Jilane is a refugee in Europe, and his project “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently” has received much recognition by western mainstream media and was documented repeatedly as a source for propaganda against the Syrian state. We would like to hear from the country that gave refuge someone like Jilane, and hundreds of thousands like him. A person making public statements of rape, murder, and the most degenerate verbal offence for anyone who disagrees with his political or dogmatic loyalty, is promoted as an “activist” a “humanitarian” and a “journalist” here and there. The girl’s destiny remains unknown until this moment, and if European authorities do not deal with this man and persecute him along with all those who joined his choir of threats, then they are involved in his hideous act.



  1. Sick people who would set Syria back centuries if permitted to direct Syrian society in their own twisted and medieval way.

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