Crazy Visitors of Wonderland! Again!

A group of Brazilian artists among of which are Danilo Ricardo Silva, Rimon Dos Santos Guimaraes, and Sheila Zago did a mural on the wall of a school in Damascus.

The arists expressed their joy for visiting Syria and presented this moral as a love gesture to all children of Syria and as an expression of their solidarity with Syrian people in its distress. They want to tell people in their country about what they saw in Syria, they want to tell them the truth..

They have also done another mural for the SOS village, and a drawing workshop for children in the Arabic cultural centre of Kafrsouseh.

Those artists are not the first to come to Syria despite war conditions and ferocious mainstream media propaganda warning from going there, especially government-controlled areas. Activists, artists, journalists, sportsmen, and others from all over the world came to Syria to see for themselves the reality which mainstream media is keeping from them.

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