Saudi Arabia Tweets Call for deporting Syrians from the Kingdom

A hashtag has gone viral on Twitter and Facebook among Saudi users against Syrians in Saudi Arabia.

The hashtag translated as ‘Syrian Supervisors in Riyadh neighbourhoods’, comes in reference to a step that some Syria have taken by inviting all Syrians in Riyadh to volunteer form some sort of committees in all areas where Syrians live to facilitate contact with them, to solve their problems and give more detailed statistics and facts about Syrian presence in Riyadh. This invitation has upset some Saudis who went on to describe the Syrian presence in Saudi Arabia as a “colonization” and demanded that they be deported. Those Saudis considered this as an intelligence-related act instigated by Syrians loyalists to President Assad in the Kingdom.

Tweets and Facebook posts used the most degenerate language possible, some launched attacks on Syrians who dared speak of the mistreatment they have received in KSA and made serious threats of physical violence. It is worth mentioning that despite the fact that Saudi Arabia has been a fierce supporter of the “revolution” in Syria, it has not taken refugees along with other Gulf states. Syrians in those countries make up a good percentage of foreign employment in the sectors of education, healthcare, and engineering, and they have been there for decades and have been always recognized for their quality work and professionality.

In a recent visit to Saudi Arabia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel pressed royals on a number of sensitive issues, including taking in refugees, while also.

Merkel is expected to press them to do more to take in refugees and provide humanitarian relief for those fleeing conflict in Muslim-majority countries. Her country has provided refuge to hundreds of thousands of people from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years.

Saudi Arabia has been the biggest funder and supporter of the turmoil in Syria, it is a main reason behind the displacement of millions of Syrians through its direct support for terrorism and radicalism there.


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