Khan Sheikhoun False Flag

On the evening of 6 April 2017 a little before Damascus’ midnight, came out Trump’s statements of a possible strike on Syria within few hours. On 7 April at 03:42 AM, explosions were heard in Shayrat town and all surrounding towns and villages, the sky was lit with fire. 59 Tomahawks had been fired from the Mediterranean targeting Shayrat military airfield in Homs, the main airfield used by the Syrian Army to target ISIS and Qaeda affiliates. The Americans did it.

Without any international consultation, without any permission from Security Council, without any legal right, the American administration paraded its bullying once again. Explaining its action, the American administration announced that this strike was a retaliation to a “chemical attack” on Khan Shiekhoun on 4 April 2017, allegedly carried out by the Syrian Army. The US assigned itself responsible for punishing the Syrian regime by targeting the airbase from which the chemical attack was allegedly carried out.


In an attempt to reveal a pattern in the behavior of both the terrorist groups and the Western governments, try to go back to every single Security Council meeting or United Nations meeting that was held to discuss Syria since 2011, and you will notice that before every meeting there is always some extraordinary event that would be later used by the “regime change” choir as fatty material for a hysterical propaganda to escalate the intervention in Syria. Western media directed by political western community bursts into fits of parroting identical phrases dedicated to direct all attention on one idea: “Assad must go”. Although the American coalition has committed several crimes in Syria killing civilians, international community and the media completely dash such facts out, or barely deal with them. Only last week, an American airstrike killed at least 21 civilians, including a woman and her six children who were on a boat fleeing clashes between the Islamic State group and U.S.-backed fighters who have escapes the hell of ISIS into a small village Raqqa. Despite the fact that there have been hundreds of similar events in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and everywhere where American Tyranny has reached, but such stories are always kept away from the spot light.

This is not the first time Assad is accused of using chemical weapons; similar allegations were made formerly but none of them was established on solid ground. Most famous is the Eastern Ghouta incident where according to American mainstream media over 1400 people were killed with Sarin gas on the hands of the Syrian army. Investigations were carried out, UN sent an independent committee to prove that the Syrian Army did use internationally prohibited weapons against civilians.  According to UN investigations in Syria, “rebels” were the ones to have been directly responsible for manufacturing and using Sarin gas against civilians and Syrian Army soldiers in this incident and others. Not only the UN, but another investigation carried out by Seymour Hersh and published in the London Review of Books revealed facts more than anyone would have expected. Later in that year, Russians with Americans and the UN formed a committee that was responsible for ridding Syria of its chemical stockpile. It was Secretary of State John Kerry who stated in July 2014 that the US “STRUCK A DEAL WHERE [… they] GOT 100% OF THE CHEMICAL WEAPONS OUT”.

Story summed up

Accusations for the Syrian Army of using chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun came immediately after the incident. No investigation was carried out, no valid evidence was presented, not even the least process of offering clues was done. In no time the White House announced that it was Assad who did it, that it was done from an airplane, and that was it. In all 3 security council meetings that followed the Khan Shiekhoun incident, the US along with Britain and all other countries supporting them failed to offer valid evidence on the fact that it was the Syrian Army who used Sarin. In their meeting yesterday, the British offered what was supposed to be a clue based on a sample collected by ‘rebels’ from Khan Shiekhoun; not to mention the comic scene of collecting the sample which needs an article on its own, the fact that there were sarin traces there does not indicate by any means that it was the Syrian Army who did it. On the same evening of this meeting came out a report questioning this accusation. Theodore A. Postol , Professor of Science, Technology, and National Security Policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has published a 14-page document questioning White House claims that Sarin was dropped by the Syrian Army from an air force plane. More significantly, the fact that it was the Syrian Army actually owns chemical weapons was denied the moment those Tomahawk missiles hit the airfield from which the Khan Skeikhoun airstrike was carried out. Weren’t the chemicals stored in that airbase supposed to explode and cause a chemical catastrophe in the area?

The cherry on the cake in this whole story was a tweet by Mohamed Aloush, opposition chief negotiator, leader of Jaish al-Islam terrorist group, and brother of Zahran Aloush the well-known Qaeda leader in Syria. On the day of the Khan Shiekhoun incident he wrote:

“ATTENTION! this new gas causes the heart to stop for 5 hours, then the heart resumes its work. There were 6 cases where heartbeat resumed after stopping! ATTENTION: Do not bury anyone who was martyred because of the chemical attack unless there is a declaration from the White Helmets that approves of the burial. SHARE!”

Few minutes later, this tweet was removed as it has made it clear that the propaganda text was prepared beforehand and just needed parroting. How did he know it was a new gas? this tweet came with the attack, so when did he have time to discover this while he was in Turkey? If he had time to do laboratory test, then he could have used that time to take all the injured to Turkey to save them. Would it not have been better for the Syrian army to use something that would kill everyone and leave no survivors to testify? Hundreds of similar questions could be put out to point the lameness of the accusations made by the White House and its cronies and to emphasize that there only motivation for this whole campaign is to invade Syria like they did in Libya and Iraq. Syrian Government has stated its full readiness to carry out investigations and announced at the security council meetings that it will not save any effort in cooperating with an international team of investigators formed by the UN to

Deja vu

Bolivians UN representative Sacha Llorenti Educates Nikki Haley on Iraq

In 2003, George Bush Administration provided every possible fake evidence on the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, then invaded Iraq, killed millions and destroyed the country, only for the world to find out later that there was no WMD. It was only last year when the Iraq Inquiry conclusions came out and it was written in block letters everywhere: IRAQ WAR WAS A LIE!, as Syria along with many countries warned for a very long time. Yet, western political powers and media still insist that this time the US is telling the truth and nothing but the truth just for the sake of the beloved Syrian people. It is enough to quickly skim the  The Iraq Inquiry just to have a simple glimpse into how the US is now following the very same steps it had took in Iraq 14 years ago.


The reaction of media to the incident has been more than hysterical, and what is more hysterical than that is how most of the public are still vulnerable to what mainstream media offers them. Despite the revelation of all lies the United States had used previously to invade countries, despite its direct involvement in 9 wars at least around the world now, despite its infamous colonial history, American “regime change” symphony seems to have a huge audience worldwide. It is 100 years since the breakout of World War I, 88 years since World War II, but human memory seem to have turned into that of goldfish memory. The western world has lost hundreds of millions in those wars and caused more millions of deaths in its invasions, yet the world seems never to understand the pain of a new world war.


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