Khan Sheikhoun False Flag

On the evening of 6 April 2017 a little before Damascus’ midnight, came out Trump’s statements of a possible strike on Syria within few hours. On 7 April at 03:42 AM, explosions were heard in Shayrat town and all surrounding towns and villages, the sky was lit with fire. 59 Tomahawks had been fired from the Mediterranean targeting Shayrat military airfield in Homs, the main airfield used by the Syrian Army to target ISIS and Qaeda affiliates. The Americans did it.

Without any international consultation, without any permission from Security Council, without any legal right, the American administration paraded its bullying once again. Explaining its action, the American administration announced that this strike was a retaliation to a “chemical attack” on Khan Shiekhoun on 4 April 2017, allegedly carried out by the Syrian Army. The US assigned itself responsible for punishing the Syrian regime by targeting the airbase from which the chemical attack was allegedly carried out. Read more