Terrorist Attack on SARC Aid Distribution Centre in Aleppo

Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) announced that Several Shells hit SARC aid distribution centre in Aleppo.

On February 8, 2017 SARC aid distribution centre in Aleppo, Al-Hamdaniya, was targeted with several shells while volunteers were distributing relief aids to beneficiaries. In the wake of the event, one SARC staff member was killed. Seven SARC volunteers and staff were injured – three of them severely. Two beneficiaries who had come to the centre to receive humanitarian aid also died, and several others were injured.

On their website, Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and SARC condemned the attack stating that “The Red Cross Red Crescent Movement reminds everybody of their duty to respect and protect humanitarian workers and the right of people to receive humanitarian aid. Aid is not a target.

Terrorist militias targeted the center from the settlements located in a few kilometers west to Aleppo, which are currently controlled by groups that identify themselves as “rebels”. Although Aleppo city was liberated near the end of 2016 by the Syrian Army and its allies, terrorist militias around the city continue to threaten lives of secure civilians who have managed to get back to their homes after 4 years of displacement and suffering.  This attack is the first of its kind since almost a month.

Despite all testimonies made by civilians, local and foreign activists, despite all evidences and proofs that have been offered by many media outlets, mainstream media still insists on portraying those terrorist, militias as “freedom rebels”. Countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, NATO countries, US, Canada the EU and others, continue to supply those radicals with arms and money and protect them with propaganda on all outlets, while we see Russian field hospitals and humanitarian aid and on the ground. Marches around the world still hold banners hat deal with trivia at a time when there are millions of Syrians still under the threat of internationally-supported terrorism of ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliates.

Photos source: SARC

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