Where were Women’s March protesters?

Where were Women’s March protesters when Obama and Hilary’s trained funded and armed terrorists brutalised Syrian and Iraqi women and sold them into sex slavery? When pregnant women were eviscerated, their stomachs cut open with swords and their unborn babies ripped out and hung from trees?
The Obama administrations dirty war on Syria IS a war on Women.

Syria and her allies are still fighting cleaning up after your inability to look at the bigger picture to see past their cruel war, their cruel sanctions, their genocidal brutality inflicted on women and their families, you and your small minded life in a bubble ignorance, a compliant product of the administration you support. TAKE A WALK!

Photo: Syrian women pictured throwing off niqabs after their village was freed from Isis/Reuters

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From Aleppo, open letter to Francois Hollande, President of the French Republic

Whoever you are, I dedicate this message to you and to anyone who can make decisions, bring their water drop, to make the peace as a priority.

Thanks to my friends, their translations. Download the PDF version here

French – Arabic – German – Russian – Spanish – Hebrew

Pierre Le Corf, French humanitarian, association We are superheroes. Expatriate in Aleppo


Mr President of the French Republic, Francois Hollande

Copie to the candidates in the presidential election.

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