War Smiles

War is war. There will always be pain, destruction, much to rebuild and much debris to clean. That can be fixed in few years, but what needs generations of hard work, is trying to help those children get over the horrors that we were not able of protecting them from.

Children see with an eye different from ours, their emotions and perception of the world is very sensitive and painful, yet they maintain an innocent smile that gives us the power to survive and live. It is not their fault to be born in insecure communities, it is our fault when we do not protect them from absorbing the hatred and darkness of this world.

Vanessa Beeley has been to Aleppo once again after its historic liberation of the city from terrorist groups. Together with Pierre Le Corf, she did interviews listening to testimonies of children who managed to leave East Aleppo with their families to safety. In Jebrin Refugee Camp these children came to speak to Vanessa and Pierre just before they boarded the buses that were evacuating them to Latakia or to West Aleppo.

Look into their eyes and don’t be deceived by their smiles and laughter.Their childhood has been shattered by almost five years of Nusra Front-led extremist rule. Funded by the US, EU, UK, Gulf States and supported by Israel, these sectarian, terrorist groups held these children captive under a regime of brutality and deprivation on all levels, medical, food, humanitarian, education.

Now they can learn to be children again but always with the shadow of what they survived and witnessed, hanging over them”; writes Vanessa.

Social media, TV channels, news agencies were crowded with ‘last goodbyes’ from terrorists who deprived those children of their right to live a safe and normal childhood, terrorists like Bilal Abdul Kareem, whom media channels have normalized and turned into an innocent humanitarian. He posted his “last message” three weeks ago, where he spoke of “massacres” taking place in the streets, massacres that no one has ever seen! And only last week he has posted a video how one ‘rebel’ wires himself with explosives preparing for a terrorist attack that would definitely would kill tens, or hundreds of civilians.

Giving morals is not the best way to end an article, but those children, your children, and millions of children around the world will remain in danger until you take action by teaching them to hear all stories, and use their brains to compare and understand that those who claim to be helping them to know are actually the real monster: Media.


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