Blood of the Innocent on the Hands of Mainstream Media

I’ve been asked to address all the media chaos that took place after the Liberation of Aleppo. Below is my brief impromptu response to all of these illogical stories coming from the presstitutes about the “Aleppocaust”.

Nowhere in these articles have they presented any factual evidence. Evidence that would beyond a reasonable doubt support their ridiculous allegations. Factual evidence that clearly shows the alleged mass executions, burning at the stake, children being murdered, Syrian Arab Army dancing in the bloody streets, or that Russians too are executing hundreds of people. Have we not seen enough evidence during the past almost 6 years of war to discredit those liars?

I’m not saying that people weren’t killed, in 6 years of war every family has lost at least one person including mine. It’s a war, there’s no clean war, innocent people always get caught in the crosshairs. The point is they are not being executed by the Syrian and Russian military like what’s being said in mainstream media.

Ask yourself these questions. Who behead Abdullah Issa a Palestinian child living in Aleppo on the back of a pickup truck? After he pleaded them to shoot him instead of decapitating him? Nour Al Din el Zinki an Aleppo “moderate rebel” terrorist group. Who have you seen execute SAA? Who are acting on camera under the disguise of being unbiased humanitarians in white helmets? Every single group that is against the legitimate Syrian government is affiliated with AlQaeda. That’s a fact.

So what’s with all these “goodbye” stories that popped up overnight? They are simply amped up propaganda by these terrorist supporting “opposition activists” that have now realized they lost their fake “revolution”.

So what’s their last resort? Making up ridiculous stories. 8 zillion people killed at the hands of Bashar!! 9 bazillion cats, 76 gazillion rats have been brutally beheaded by the Russians! All these lies and people believe that clown Bilal Abdul Kareem that is probably going to be doing interviews tomorrow while sipping on a Cappuccino somewhere working on a new alias and looking for a new job. Or the 7 year old twitter prodigy Bana Al Abed whose account has been traced back to the U.K.

Game over guys. You’ve been exposed.

Here is just one bold example of the multilayered game of lies the media is playing. Lebanese news anchor Dima Sadek is using pictures from Pakistan and saying this is Aleppo. The caption reads “to those who are celebrating liberation, take a look at this”. Aleppo. Lies upon lies.

These lies and propaganda have cost Syrians their lives. Do not believe it, do not share it, do not partake in this bloodshed.

Sarah Abed is a Syrian Americanoriginally from Al hasaka and now resident in  Somerset, New Jersey, USA. She identifies as a truth seeker, global traveler and modern day explorer. Ms. Abed is not affiliated with any agency or works for any government.  She cares about one thing, and that is that “the truth be spread so that this war on Syria can end.”

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