Hama’s Freddy Mercury Resurrects!

Just when we lose faith in miracles and come to believe that they no longer exist, they just come out of nowhere when we least expect them.

With the propaganda of the “Syrian Revolution” we came to learn that you could die 3 or 4 times, you could be Al-Qaida flag holder in the morning and an angel of mercy at “the last hospital in Aleppo” that has been destroyed approximately hundreds of times since 2012 yet not a single evidence was offered about that, we learned that you could be starving to death, yet your cheeks are rosier than those of Snow White, we learned that you could be heavily wounded during a video documenting barrel bombs and 10 minutes later you could having an interview on some channel talking about what you felt as the barrel bomb hit your skull.

Caricature: Ibrahim Qashoush- Hama, June 2011

On 7 December 2016, James Harkin brought us an irresistible treat that freshened us and our hopes of new and creative miracles. Nightingale of the Syrian Revolution, Throat of the Rebels, Voice of Freedom, Ibrahim Qashoush, the iconic figure of the revolution whose song “Leave Bashar” became the official anthem for all “protests” that  has taken took place across the country since 2011. Try to google his name and you will immediately see the horrible story of his “gruesome death” as CBS News had put it out in 2011; he was slaughtered and had his voice box removed with a knife for chanting at demonstrations against Assad. But, two days ago Hama’s Freddy Mercury has resurrected.

The moment I read the title of Harkin’s article the first thing that came to my mind was Barbara Walters’ interview with Assad in 2011 where she asked him about the killing of Qashoush and other incidents that were reported to have been committed by the Syrian state against “peaceful protesters”. In that interview Assad denied those accusations making a clear point that media in the west insists on viewing events with half an open eye without attempting to see the conflict from different perspectives. He made it clear that he knew nothing about that singer or his murder, and of course Walters did not like that answer. I wonder what is Walter’s reaction now after she knew that the Nightingale of the revolution is safe and sound in Europe living his life peacefully and waiting for residency. I would like to see the faces of the editors of big journals and agencies now as a new spot of shame has rested on the pages of their book of lies and degeneration.

Harkin’s investigation leaves no more words to be said about the details of the plot and fabrication of the whole story of the killing of Qashoush. The singer was not really Qashoush at all […] but another man called Abdul Rahman Farhood. ‘Some of the opposition were telling lies because they thought it would be helpful’”, writes Harkin; “Ibrahim Qashoush was a local security guard ‘and the rebels killed him because they thought he was an informer for the regime’

Qashoush who was claimed to be the singer

Interestingly enough, as we tried to double check some facts and some old news on this incident, we found that many stories have been removed or edited after the publication of Harkin’s investigation. Various articles and reports published by the Guardian, the Telegraph, Free Muse,  CNN, and others in 2011-2012 have been either edited, or links embedded in them were removed or no longer valid.

One of the most romantic and touching stories written about the martyred singer, was an interview by the Guardian with the Syrian-American pianist Malek Jandali who choked as he spoke of his inspiration, Qashoush, for whom he has dedicated a tribute titled Freedom Qashoush Symphony, “a song which starts with rattled off gunfire, the symphony culminates in an urgent instrumental cry of freedom, inspired by Ibrahim al-Qashoush, an early symbol of rebel martyrdom. Qashoush was a fireman and a poet from Hama, whose anti-Assad chants shouted by thousands in public protests, got him killed. Qashoush was found floating dead in the Orontes river in July 2011, his vocal chords ripped out allegedly by Syrian government forces”, saus Jandali. The Telegraph also reported how “Mr Qashoush was found with his throat slit floating in the River Orontes in his home-town, Hama.” Scenarios of his death varied but the focal point was to accuse one party only, President Assad. But as usual, it all came to be no more than a cheap propaganda farce.

Many similar stories that were “hits” in western media during the past five years turned to be mere lies, like the story that lit the flame of in the southern city of Daraa after the arrests of at least 15 children for painting anti-government graffiti on the walls of a school. Palestinian writer and “thinker” Azmi Bishara who has a very clear aggressive attitude opposing the Syrian regime spoke about the exaggerations in that story in his book SYRIA-A WAY OF SUFFERING TO FREEDOM. Bishara confesses in his book that most stories like using chemical weapons and plucking off the nails of the 15 arrested children were mere lies that were used to provoke the public and international opinion against Assad and his supporters.

Abdul Rahman Farhood, singer who was thought to be dead

No one is a saint, no one is flawless, we all make mistakes, but, there is a huge difference between mistakes and partiality, between being a truth seeker and being an antichrist. Resurrection of the nightingale of freedom is not the first, and definitely not the last, fairy tale used to direct people’s emotions, conception and understanding into false narratives and rhetoric. And here we need to raise a very important question, how much more lies do people need to swallow before they choke with the outcomes of media lies about Syria and other conflict zones in the world? When will people in the west act to protect themselves from the catastrophic outcomes of the conflicts their governments have played a role in for years? It is high time that western communities swallowing such filthy propaganda woke up and realized that now after the monster is unleashed, the only option left is destroy that monster or it will destroy them.

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