Media Antichrist

As civilians continue to flee terrorist-controlled east Aleppo into west Aleppo secured by the Syrian army, the same game is played by Western media, promoting propaganda that continues to shift public opinion and attention into supporting false heroes and promoting half-truths and full lies. Around 250 thousand people have lived in east Aleppo for the last 2 or 3 years, big part of them are civilians. Almost one third of those civilians have finally been able to make their way out into freedom. They escaped an area where they were used as human shields, where they could not go to schools or universities, where they were blackmailed by starvation and terrorism of radical Islamist groups.

Thousands are now in temporary shelters in west Aleppo

During the past ten days, we saw thousands of civilians passing through points secured by the Syrian Army into the western side of the city. Many videos have gone viral on social media networks, but none of the big media giants paid any attention to that, on the contrary, they changed the narrative into “civilians escape regime bombs”. How on earth would they escape regime bombs into regime areas? What kind of logic is that?


Mainstream media has abstained from reporting the attempts of terrorists to prevent civilians from leaving east Aleppo, no one reported the snipers who hunted anyone who tried to make his way out into that road, no one reported of the killing of a Muslim clergy man because he tried to negotiate with the terrorists (labeled as moderate rebels by MSM) to allow those who want to leave out. Instead of all this, Channel4, BBC, CNN, Sky news, DW and the rest of the gang went on in recreating the narrative of last doctor, last woman, last breath of air, last clown, last carrot, last spoon of sugar in Aleppo. However, check the photos of the moderate rebels promoted as heroes by that propaganda and you would see fluffy creatures, with tummies bigger than that of Santa on a Christmas eve.

SARC workers and volunteers, bad weather conditions during rescue process.

There were children, women and old people running and risking their life maybe for the last time, they had nothing more to lose. Journalists and reporters left their positions and cameras, civilian volunteers joined aid workers from Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC)and others, everyone have rushed to help carry those who could not run due to an injury, or carry the last belongings those people have with them. It does not matter if the political loyalty of those who escaped is with opposition or government, it does not matter what religion do they follow, the only thing that matters is that they are human beings in need of help. We spoke to French activist Pierre Le Corf who has been in Aleppo since March 2016 working in humanitarian aid and support for communities and individuals. People are doing their best to help those who have escaped from the east Aleppo nightmare that have terrorized 1.5 in the western part for too long a time, no one scrutinized them or blamed them for what had happened, says Le Corf.

Civilians targeted by east Aleppo terrorists as they attempted escape.

As those civilians tried to escape there have been many attempts to prevent them, there has been massacres where tens were killed first because they wanted to leave to the other side, second to create a fatty material for western propaganda to fake the truth. It is true that most of those people who escaped last week chose to stay on the side of “rebels” years ago, but it did not take them a long time to realize that they were being used to serve a degenerate western-made propaganda. In the photos of the massacre allegedly committed by the Syrian Army, we see dead bodies on the ground with bags and luggage near them, clearly, they were killed because they attempted escape. Of course White helmets had to use that scene to stage another “rescue” process to continue their filthy and provoking campaign of lies. Yet, western propaganda insists on falsifying reality ditching all moral and professional rules. Disrespect for the audience continues as France 24 has reported the rescue work done by a Syrian journalist  as an escape from regime bombs.

Journalist Sohayb Masri helping in aid work

UN has been wining for months about the desperate need to deliver aid to civilians in east Aleppo, now that part of those civilians have made their way out, we do not see UN money and support anywhere on the ground, SARC and other local aid organizations are under much pressure in terms of resources and personnel, bad weather conditions, security issues, more, yet they work silently without any fuss. Media is perfectly playing the Antichrist, and this will not be easily erased from history as it will have a burn effect to the future of not only Syria, but the world all in all.



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