It’s Raining .. Mortars


Today was another day from hell, but it hurt like it’s the first time we live it..


Al Furqan primary school in Aleppo was shelled with rockets by rebels in the Eastern Part of the city of Aleppo. The school was crowded with students and teachers.

The angels we lost today:

Muna Nasan, 10

Aya AlSabki, 12

Sudra Taher, 12

Zainab Sukhaita, 6

Fatima Shiekho, 11

Inas Azizi, 12

Sabah Abou Ras, 10

Imad Bustani, 10

Hasan Naso, 59

Ahmad Darwish, 54

Pierre Le corf  is a resident of Aleppo since March 2016, he witnessed today’s massacre. Pierre makes it clear that in this area there are no Syrian Army forces to be a target for the “rebel’s” rockets, the targeted area was civilian. Those who call themselves rebels do the same with civilians in Eastern Aleppo
, they shoot at the western side and use civilians as human shields and prevent them from leaving to the Western part of the city.

15107489_1252648731460831_1018143051888083085_nThe capital, Damascus has witnessed another day of mortars hell as 24 mortars have targeted many areas leaving 13 injuries and 2 martyrs.

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