Sedatives Consumption on the Rise

The head of Hama Pharmacists Syndicate has revealed that there has been a rise in the demand on sedatives and anti-depressants in pharmacies around the governorate; this goes back to the big increase of depression cases all over the country.

Dr. Bashar Halwani has assured that sedative drugs are only sold with a prescription from a specialist, yet, many people manage to get them without prescription or take overdoses which forms a threat to their physical and mental health.

This is not the first time this problem comes to the surface, it started in the early months of the conflict. Many people suffer psychological and emotional distresses as a normal result of living in war zone or going through dreadful personal experiences. In 2012 there were unofficial statistics that indicated a rise in the consumption of sedative drugs three times more than it was before war. The same statistics revealed that women use anti-depressants and sedative drugs 90% more than men; says Khaled who works at a pharmacy in Damascus.

Some people cannot sleep without sleeping pills, the sounds of rockets, cannons, jets, and bullets now traumatize millions, haunts their nightmares and wake.

The problem increases with the weakness of controlling the buying and selling those drugs as getting them without a prescription is not impossible, like any country at war. The fear now is that those drugs have already made their way into some schools, and their spread would be a real catastrophe for an entire generation.


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