Limbs at the Embassy Gate

An old man got fed up with the tyrant Pharaoh, so he went to him saying “who do you think you are?! Who assigned you as a Pharaoh?”

The Pharaoh answered: “No one stopped me from becoming a Pharaoh!”

Tyranny has multiple forms. It could be by oppressing freedoms of speech, belief and existence, it could be about depriving people from their basic rights, or about the absence of law. Interestingly, you could live in a country where none of the aforementioned forms of tyranny exist, yet, you tyrannize others in their homes. Going overseas to terrorize entire nations giving oneself the authority to be the guardian of something that is not his in the first place has been for decades an American specialty. Many people act and speak to stand in the face of the American evil, but unfortunately propaganda serves another tide. It serves the degenerate, the murderer, the terrorist and the liar. So hard did I try to understand how the Nazi threat to the world is by any means worse than that of the foreign policy of United States of America, but I have failed to see the difference.

21 March 2003, war on Iraq.

17 March 2011, military intervention in Libya

19 September 2014, US-led coalition in Syria

21 April 2015, war on Yemen

 Let alone Vietnam, Nagasaki, Afghanistan, and a very long list that needs seas of ink to write. Numbers of victims of American tyranny are beyond any calculations, and they’re on the rise every second all around the world.

As a Syrian I have the full privilege to criticize and speak out, it is a moral obligation to speak out. My country has been under attack for almost six years, infrastructure, economy, society, education, healthcare, everything was destroyed and will not be the same any time soon. Politics is what controls this game, together with hunger for power and oil. Americans and Russians have the biggest share of the pie, as each is trying now to prove to be the center of new world order. Yet there is a clear difference in the results of the intervention of each of them. After the Russian intervention on October 2015, the control areas of ISIS and other radical Islamist groups have remarkably shrunk. Cities that have hosted people who were displaced from their home towns felt it as huge numbers of those who were displaced were able to go back home after the assistance of the Russian air force to liberate and secure their hometowns. Palmyra alone was a historic victory, and now on the way is Aleppo victory. What was the US-coalition doing before October 2015?


It was training “moderate rebels” like Army of Mujahideen, Hazzm Movement, with other countries taking part in the train-and-equip program including Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

Airdropping weapons to ISIS in Syria and Iraq was done publically. And what was done about this? Nothing!

How did humanitarian aid groups and NGOs react?


But when Palmyra was liberated, when parts of Aleppo are opened and the siege is broken by Syrian Army and Russian Air Forces the reaction would be a protest with limbs in London. On 03 November, 2016 protesters blocked the entrance to the London  Russian embassy with 800 mannequin limbs which they said was in response to the killing of civilians in Syrian city Aleppo. Two people also chained themselves to the gates. Campaigners said the limbs represented the injuries suffered by people.


I can definitely presume that those who did this cannot even locate Aleppo on the map. I bet that they do not know that the city has been divided into two parts since2012, western Aleppo containing over 1.5 million civilians, and Eastern Aleppo with barely 250K civilians most of whom are Islamist fighters of groups like Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki and Army of Conquest.

The numbers of the victims who were killed “by mistake” in American airstrikes is also on the rise, last July 73 civilians mostly children and women were killed, on September US air forces intentionally targeted Syrian Army location massacring over 65 soldiers and injuring more than  100. Any protests at the doors of American embassies? Any real action to stop American bullying? NO!

This is not a defense of Russia, or any other power taking part in the Syria war, but facts need be stated, and the hypocrisy of NGOs and “Human rights” group must be scandalized. White Helmets terrorists are nominated for Noble peace prize, and Conquest army affiliated journalist Hadi Abdullah is granted the award of journalist of the year, while people like Vanessa Beeley, and Eva Bartlett who have done more than anyone else would do for Syria are blacklisted by western media just because they speak out the truth.


“Human rights” activists’ cable subscription does not give them access to atrocities of Yemen where 700 people are killed in one airstrike, it does not provide them with information about Turkish invasion of Syrian lands in the north, it does not tell them of slaughtering of children and eating of livers on the hands of “moderate rebels.” NATO and USA and their allies have caused trauma and destruction in the middle East and other parts of the world, we have lost the count of those killed and displaced, and this will go on as long as people refuse to open their eyes and condemn the real criminal.

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