18 Million Syrians Residing Under International Sanctions

My friends from all around the world repeatedly tell me how ashamed they feel with what their governments are doing in Syria, many express their anger over the fact that their taxes pay for the war that has been destroying Syria since 2011, they tell me how helpless and despair they feel not being able to do anything..

A friend said to me, “if I sent a small amount of money, it would help one family maybe, or two, but what about the rest, those who need shelter, those who need medication, those who need a life!!”

More fighting won’t solve the problem, and politics is bigger than us all, and media is playing the filthiest propaganda game in the history of humanity. Degeneration has reached unprecedented levels, ignorance has hit the wall not caring for all the moans and cries that have filled out the universe for years now. Sympathy is needed at times, but alone it does nothing.


Away from UN reports that are too long to be read by anyone, away photos of starving kids in camps, of people living in the streets, of one who lost a limb in a mortar shell attack, simply because those seem not to be enough to move us to take a REAL ACTION.

Humanitarian situation in Syria is bad beyond imagination. No matter what you see on the news, not matter what you hear over social media pages, it is nothing unless you live there and feel for yourself. If it was for fighting alone, we could have dealt with that to a certain level; the catastrophe is with the international sanctions imposed on Syria since 2011.

Sanctions are normally used by states, or the international community, for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To encourage a change in behaviour of a target country or regime.
  • To apply pressure on a target country or regime to comply with set objectives.
  • As an enforcement tool when international peace and security have been threatened and diplomatic efforts have failed.
  • To prevent and suppress financing of terrorists and terrorist acts.29

But, when you talk about 23 million citizens, this pretext is a piece of shit.

Currently there is approximately 18 MILLION Syrians inside Syria. Those are residing under heavy international sanctions that control their life in all its details. Half the country’s governmental hospitals went out of service, schools, public institutions, and everything. Medication now is not easy because the country that was once number one in the Middle East in medical industry is now under severe pressure as all factories went out of service and need much time to pursue their work. Medication for disease like cancer and diabetes is free of charge for EVERYONE in Syria, but with those sanctions, importing those medications is not possible any more. People are dying because washing kidneys now is more difficult than before, lack of tools, drugs and medical crews.

Going into all details would take thousands of pages, and still won’t do it. The Intercept published an investigation how US and EU sanctions are punishing ordinary Syrians and crippling aid work. This investigation was based on a  40-page internal assessment commissioned by the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia to analyze the humanitarian impact of the sanctions.

You’re an ordinary citizen in the EU? And you truly want to help Syrians?

Help lift those sanctions!

Go down to the street and pressure your governments to stop sanctions over Syria!

If your governments do not respond, start a civil disobedience!


 It is no longer the war of Syrians alone, it is everyone’s war; and if you do not act now, then you are participating in the crime. Being passive now, is as bad as being involved in evil.

It is a matter of choice, and you’ll pay for that choice sooner or later.

If you are interested or willing to help, please contact me:

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*Photo credit: Pierre Le Corf