Memoirs of Martyred Childhood

Some love half of Syria’s children. Some love the other half. I’m looking for someone who loves all Syrian children.”

Asad Abukhalil

Today is the memory of the death of a Syrian child who passed away child last year, or maybe the one before, or the one before it ..


Accuracy is not really important here, because every day now counts as the memorial of the death of an innocent soul in our wonderland.

Photos and stories of children who were killed, abused, injured, kidnapped, raped, or forcefully wedded have made headlines everywhere, but of course, newspaper X talks only about children of group Y, and news agency Z feels only for children of party W, and so on.

Each group or party, sees that the death of the other’s child is legitimate because this child will grow up to be a copy of his family, thus he’s a possible threat. It has become so common to see people sympathize with one story and criticize another.

What has sympathy done to all Syrian children, and other children in distress around the world?

Has it stopped their pain?

Has it ended their nightmares?

Has it given them a new bike to ride in the park?

Have all the headlines given them back their lost parents?

Have all propagandas given them back their lives?

Has seeing children weeping and bleeding on screens moved people to break into their governments’ headquarters and stop wars by force? Or even to announce civil disobedience to stop their government’s participation this filthy war?



Your brains will now start to figure out what children I sympathize  with.
Am I talking about children in government-held areas, or about children in anti-government areas?

You feel confused, heh?

Ask yourself, who do You feel for more?

If you have an answer indicating either of the two assumed categories of children, you better stop reading now.

We have been fighting each other for six years in all possible methods, but the filthiest ever, was using children. International, local, regional and all forms of media has done one thing only; they have used children to serve their propagandas.

This is where we all have failed our humanity. This is where we have failed the test.

If you truly care about those kids, about saving them from the injustice befalling them with every breath they take, try ask yourself the question ‘why is this happening?’, ask yourself ‘why is the situation getting worse?’

First, go wash your face, soap it well, rinse the soap, and then look in the mirror.

Look carefully, can you see your own child? Being treated like a material for a scoop that will hit for a week or two then fade down.

Scary, isn’t it?

Propaganda from all sides is killing those kids again and again every time it tries to show one group of children as victims, and completely ignores the other group.

Syrian children from 14 provinces are dying everyday inside and outside Syria.

Their childhood is doomed to end because of religions they did not choose, and political loyalties the do not understand.

Look at Imran of Eastern Aleppo, Reem of Western Aleppo, Alan on the Turkish shores, and Abdullah the slaughtered in Handarat camp.Whenever a story comes up to the surface, we argue, which child felt more pain, which lost more, which cried with more agony, which is worth of attention and which is not.

Rober Fisk writes in the Independent, that  every time the disaster befalls us “we will ask not ‘why?’, not ‘how did we come to this?’, but ‘what do we do NOW?’. And it will be too late again. What was the name of that little chap on the beach, we’ll ask ourselves then? Aylan, wasn’t it? Or Alan?”

Sep 17

Memorials of our children have become posts, tweets, hashtags and some profile pictures, but it seems that we are now programmed to feel pain and replace it every morning with a trendier pain, like robots. The only thing that is not changing, is the misery of those children.

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