“Love Damascus” Review

Last week I came across an amazing website that is your perfect guide to Damascus city, and it’s available in English.

There are sections for Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes and nightclubs. All events in the capital, art galleries, plays, concerts, and more have a special section as well.

The best part is “Explore Damascus” where you will find a beautiful archive about Damascene handcrafts, cousin, society, and culture.13754091_1063906033693625_5416548316510466038_n

This website is a great reflection of the city with all its contrasts and charms. Great thanks to the people behind it. And we’re looking forward to have similar websites for all Syrian cities, to wash away the pain of war.


The website also has applications for android, IOS, and windows.

I will not talk too much, will live it to you to go and explore it for yourself.


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