Preparations of Eid Al Adha

Damascus has always had its special touch and style celebrating different occasions, Christmas, Ramadan, New Year, Al Fitr, Al Adha, Halloween, end of school..

Old and new neighbourhoods of Damascus would never miss a chance to put on that colourful decoration and busy themselves for days sending joy and ticketing the hearts if anyone passing through them
You would see children racing to participate in hanging the decorations in the street or at the doors of their houses.
It does not matter whether it is a Muslim or a Christian occasion, everyone will participate .. who cares whose celebration it is if we can all share joy?

Every house has lost a beloved, every corner has seen a sad story, but no one want s to give up on life, no wan wants to say this is it, or we can’t go on.

People every day seem more keen to come back and restore the old days of peace and tranquility.
This is the great Syrian spirit, the spirit that will never be defeated no matter what happens.

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