Je Suis Nahed Hattar!

Je suis hypocrite

the best title for our contemporary history, we can never find a better slogan to promote our reality, a reality where showing compassion and solidarity replace real action to help those we sympathize with.

More than two weeks have passed since the Jordanian columnist Nahed Hatter was charged with offending Islam over a cartoon he has reposted on his personal Facebook page. The cartoon mocks how extremist Islamists conceive of the afterlife where “God of Daesh” serves them as they lavish the grants of their promised paradise.123456

Shortly after reposting this cartoon came extremely violent responses, reaching accusations of blasphemy and demand of beheading him, and this pushed Hattar to delete the cartoon and explain that he intended no insult to Muslims or Islam, he was only being critical of extremist view of religion that is dominant now, the view of ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood, of fighters that have eaten livers, chopped heads, and lashed people in Syria for five years and a half.

Amman public prosecutor, Judge Abdullah Abul-Ghanam, said Hattar was charged with inciting sectarian strife and racism and insulting religion. He was remanded in custody pending further investigation.

Now Hattar’s health is deteriorating, he is under the risk of kidney failure. He was transferred from Marka prison to hospital, but then he requested going back to prison because the authorities hung a sign near his bead that reads “a very dangerous criminal.” “What Hattar republished is insulting and is not considered freedom of expression. He can be immediately detained for violating the law,” media expert Khaled Qudah told The Jordan Times.

Media coverage of this case is banned by Jordanian authorities. But, who cares?

Supporters of “moderate rebels” made no statements supporting Hattar or criticizing Jordanian authorities.

“Intellectuals” of the Arab “Spring” seem to be like lambs in the presence of a hyena.

Western journalism that has been hammering us with human rights, freedom of speech, journalism freedom, and other bright and sparkling banners barely referred to his case.

Can anyone explain how the attack on Chalrie Hebdo office is different from Nahed Hattar’s case?

Can anyone explain the exact definition of freedom that the Western journalism promotes?

Can anyone clarify what is the exact kind of freedom tha incites public opinion and requires a serious action when it is violated?

It is not within my capabilities to change Jordanian law or Jordanian people’s attitude against Hattar. But, it is within my capability to ask all free speech defenders worldwide, those who said “Je Suis Charlie”, do you think that your double standards will pass unnoticed?

There is now a campaign to gather public opinion to defend him. At the same time, there are calls to execute Hattar, and if not, he might face prison penalty for three years at least.

ISIS is not only those bearded men with shabby dresses terrifying the world with their weapons and barbarism, ISIS lives among us, different looks, but same mentality. Terrorism is not only shooting people for having a different opinion, or a view we personally don’t like, terrorism is by being partners of the crime as you keep silent.


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