???? – Shamra – All Syria in one place

Shamra – All Syria in one place
From Syrians to all Syria… Despite the war…

Shamra is a not just a search engine, it is distinguished from the other search engines for being pure Syrian, it is a project that has turned the sanctions forced on the country into a motivation for self-development.

Shadi Saleh, CEO of Shamra, is an engineer who have graduated from Syria and is now undertaking his PhD study in Czech Republic (Charles University in Prague). He has expressed his desire to see Syrians leave their special touch in this world. So he turned his dream into reality by starting the project of a national search engine which, according to his words, «understands us».

The hearts and will of 15 Syrians united by love of their motherland, was starting point of Shamra.

It was launched in 2015 in Syria after a year of preparations and of dreaming to revive the message of Ugarit where the first phonetic alphabet in the world was invented in 2000 BC by exporting to the world a new alphanumeric alphabet 4000 years later.

The logo of this project ???? (Arabic script for the word Sahmra), carries two messages. The first is in the first two letters ??? (reading right to left) look like a key, the key to Syria in the virtual world. The second letter alone ??? (looking like a circle) stands for a magnifier.

No one ever thought that this simple idea would later develop into Shamra news, Shamra places, Shamra Academy, Shamra work, and many other available options.

Shamra has set interaction with users as its main goal, with a future plan to create a massive network of services, which meets the needs of its users, and last but not least is the dream of “Shamra research center.”

Talking about future after Shamra came to being, Shadi says that he feels “more worry and concern that we might not be up to this responsibility on the one hand, and more happiness and pride now that I feel I am closer more than ever to my country Syria.”
On why SHAMRA is different, Shadi Saleh Says:

1- News: We fetch news from famous Syrian/Arabic/European agencies, you will see news coming from SANA, Shamtimes, Assafir, Alahkbar, BBC, DW, CNN, Skynews etc. So we try to be balanced as much as we can. But we do exclude very specific agencies like Aljazeera (this is the only case I can come up with)

2- Websites: We fetch everything, we try to grab any URLS that contain important information for Syrians, but sometimes we exclude some URLs because we believe they are somehow non-informative for us (like ministry of transportation in Egypt and similar examples)

The task of indexing websites is really hard (both time and money consuming) so we need some time to be happy with our results, but I believe we are doing quick improvement regarding our data center.


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