Syrian Refugees…

Was reading a book of Arab poetry and came across this one that broke my heart. (This was not written for the current refugee crisis but resonated with me about it nonetheless):
By Janice Kortkamp  | August 10, 2016


Travel Tickets by Samih al-Qasim

On the day you kill me
You’ll find in my pocket
Travel tickets
To peace,
To the fields and the rain,
To people’s conscience.
Don’t waste the tickets.


An American recently asked me, why are so many Syrians leaving their country? Why don’t they stay?

I just looked at her and sighed. She wanted a simple answer to a complicated problem and I couldn’t give it to her. So I’m answering her in a way by writing this.

Would you go or would you stay? Personally, I don’t condemn either choice but am thankful for the ones who stay. Many have no choice anyway.

So, would YOU go or would you stay…

If your house, business, school, maybe even family had been blown up?

If you couldn’t find a job because there are no jobs?

If you were weary of war, tired of mourning, sick of fear?

If you were expected to go fight an enemy that is often inhuman, that is constantly resupplied with more and more monsters bent on slaughter and they are constantly resupplied with weapons to do it?

If you just couldn’t stand to hear any more mortars landing near you or the sound of gunshots?

If you were at your wits’ end being poor because of inflation…not being able to afford heating or cooking oil…or going without electricity except for a few short hours in the day? Or unable to get medicines for your sick child since the “humane and civilized” west won’t allow them because of our sanctions?

The stories I’ve heard from people emigrating from Syria, their journeys, are haunting and horrific. To just get to Turkey then across the water to Greece is a super human effort and often ends in death.

The human tsunami of refugees is as complicated as the war itself. There are the greatest human beings you’d ever want to meet mixed with the worst enemies you’d ever want to face…and everything in between.

Unfortunately many, if not the majority, share the same ideology as the radicalized fundamentalism of terrorists.

If the US and EU would work with the Syrian and Russian governments we would know who the terrorists are among them…but we refuse to do so. Many terrorist supporting refugees are deliberately sent into Europe by our NATO member friend, Turkey, to seed a future “revolution”.

But many simply are just seeking life after being drowned in death, destruction, desperation, and hopelessness for almost 6 years.

So we either say “ALL” or “NONE” because that way we don’t need to make the effort to understand the complexity…or face the reality that our governments created this nightmare.

What is the answer? There is actually a fairly simple one. It is the same answer as how to end the war quickly…stop supporting the terrorists our government calls “rebels” who have tried to tear Syria apart by their murder, torture, rape, kidnapping, and looting and get our allies to do the same. End the war, end much of the crisis.

Maybe its not so complicated after all?

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