Disappointed hopes. Syrians Soon Without Palmyra Gas

Tremendous efforts have been put into the two battels of liberating Palmyra in the first quarter of 2016 and early 2017 to restore energy sources on which the whole country relies, but it seems that all those efforts are soon to be gone with the wind.

War on Syria is not only for political reasons, but it’s a fight over the enormous gas reserve that Syria owns in Mediterranean water and the Syrian Desert around Palmyra and Dier Ezzor.

According to Firil Center for Studies in Berlin, 83% of Syrian reserve of gas and petrol is in the Syrian desert, while only 12% is located in Jazeerah area. As ISIS has taken over great part of Syria’s gas and oil fields, GDP fell 3 times from 60 billion dollars in 2010 to 20 billion dollars in 2016. Electricity generation in 2010 was 44,000 billion kWh and it fell to 18,000 billion in 2016. Read more

This is How 52 civilians Were Literally Slaughtered in Aqareb

On 15 May, 04:00 AM, ISIS launched a fierce attack on the town of Aqareb Safiyah, 17 km east of Salamiyah.

The attack started with ISIS fighters sneaking from petrol line side and the village of Qulaib al-thor at 04:00 AM. They assaulted houses on the south-eastern brinks of the town in parallel with targeting Salamiyah city with mortars and rockets which came from Hardanah village, controlled by ISIS. ISIS committed a horrifying massacre slaughtering tens of people, most of whom were women and children. Read more

Syrians ‘Damage’ Lebanese Economy Participating to it $1.04 Million a Day!

Since the early days of the conflict in Syria, Lebanon was the first haven for those who were obliged to leave their homes in towns close to the Syrian Lebanese borders. Later when the intensity increased, numbers rapidly increased until we started speaking about millions of Syrians in Lebanon. Read more

From US to Syria .. with Love

Another visitor to our wonderland…

An amazing American woman whose search for the truth lead her to decide go to Syria, without knowing what might await her there, she bravely made the decision to come to Syria in April 2016 for the first time, and from that time on she repeatedly visited.

Janice Kortkamp, an American citizen who never trusted narrative of mainstream media in the United States and around the world, and took the responsibility to do her best deliver the truth to people in her country. Read more